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Usain Bolt on his long relationship with Homeopathy

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“A piece of this medal goes to Germany,” Bolt said after completing the race in 9.63 seconds, the second fastest 100m time in history. USAIN BOLT Usain Bolt, Olympic sprinter and famed winner of numerous gold medals has been using homeopathy since the age of 16. He is a patient of German sports doctor Hans-Wilheim […]

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Darwin and Homeopathy

Topics: News, People Using Homeopathy, Science and Homeopathy

Healing Darwin Darwin is of course best known for his book ‘Origin of Species’ which was published in 1859 and profoundly challenged the scientific understanding of the day. What isn’t so well known is that he benefitted from the homeopathic treatment of James Gully MD (who also treated Charles Darwin, Alfred Lord Tennison and Florence […]

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